Fractal images

Here are some fractal images. I made them back in 1994-95 with Fractint.

You can freely download them for non-commercial uses.
You are however not allowed to distribute them further without my permission.

Klik on the images the get the full resolution versions.


From Julia set. julia.jpg 640*480 points, 61 Kb.


From Mandelbrot set. happy.jpg 1024*768 points, 300 Kb.


From Mandelbrot set. spikes.jpg 1024*768 points, 263 Kb.


From Mandelbrot set. chinese.jpg 1024*768 points, 482 Kb.


From Mandelbrot set. birds.jpg 1024*768 points, 756 Kb.

11.2.2004: Due to huge demand of these images through Google :-), I had to reduce their quality.

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